Successor and Predecessor Tribunal Names

Back in the summer an Alberta bill was which caused the name of a decision making tribunal to change. For legal researchers, the important task is knowing what to look for regarding content, and often this means that you have to know who you are looking for.

This tribunal, now called the Alberta Energy Regulator has an excellent website with good methods for accessing their current and previous decisions. Decisions from this tribunal are also available with great coverage in LexisNexis Quicklaw.

Hat Tip for today’s tip goes to Quicklaw, especially for sending out content announcements like this one from November 14, 2013:

Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board Has New Name

In response to the Responsible Energy Development Act, proclaimed in June, the Alberta Energy Regulator succeeds the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board and takes on all its regulatory functions.

Given this change, please note that the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board source on Quicklaw has been renamed Alberta Energy Regulator and now includes decisions rendered by both tribunals.

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