Translation Help With TERMIUM Plus

Today’s Tip is about our languages thanks to a tweet from Susannah Tredwell, Manager of Library Service at Davis LLP in Vancouver.

Susannah shared news about TERMIUM Plus (R), the Canadian Government’s terminology and linguistic data bank.

What is in this data bank? According to the site:

  • Almost 4 million English and French terms;
  • More than 18,000 Portuguese terms;
  • More than 200,000 Spanish terms;
  • More than 4,000 monthly updates;
  • Accurate, specialized and up-to-date terminology;
  • The Government of Canada´s standardization tool;
  • 17 diverse and user-friendly writing tools.

A quadralingual databank gives the precise English, French or Spanish or Portuguese equivalent for everything from plants, diseases, machines and tools. TERMIUM Plus also contains the meanings of very specialized terms and offers a writing assistance tool. Legal terms are included in the data bank with very specific source cites and context provided with complementary documents for many records.

There is a companion app that offers the ability to to find terms in both official languages available Apple and Blackberry devices and a mobile friendly web app for other devices.

Slawyers who need to ensure the accuracy of terms and phrases should check it out.

Thanks Susannah!


  1. I’ve used TERMIUM Plus on several occasions to translate technical wording from English to French and it is a great tool!

  2. it is interessing to do the translation

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