Wasted Legal Research

Today’s Tip was inspired by the CBA Futures Report at page 22

I have a circle on a page, and within that circle I have the word client. Around that circle are five other circles. One says,‘Is that legal task necessary, or is it waste?’ One says, ‘Is the person performing that legal task the most cost-effective resource?’ Another says, ‘Is the process transparent to the client? Do they know what is being done, why it is being done, and who is doing it? The next one says, ‘Does the process use checklists, templates and technology to help save time and costs?’ And the last one says, ‘Does the process incorporate reporting and communication styles that meet the client’s needs?’”

CBA Futures Report 2014, page 22.

The above is part of a quote from Patricia Olah of BLG and is found under the heading Inovation in Action: Business Processes.

Legal Research is a business process. Does your process have any waste?

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