Back Up Your Cloud: How to Download All Your Data

On at least a few previous occasions(here and here), I have written about the necessity of backing up your personal data, pictures and contacts, regardless of where they reside – your computer, your smartphone, your iPad or other tablet, your camera, etc. It is a fact of life that hard drives and other devices will fail – you want to have your data backed up so you don’t lose it.
backup button
But what about all that data and information you have created on the cloud? Think about all the information you have created in Facebook, LinkedIn, the various Google services, Evernote, Twitter and Yahoo. More than a few cloud services have lost or destroyed data, and some have gone out of business, usually with little or no notice. Your cloud data should be backed up too!

PC Magazine recently published an article that reviews the things you should think about when backing up your cloud data, and it contains specific instructions on downloading data from the cloud services mentioned above. If you use these cloud services, or others, avoid disappointment by taking steps to make sure your cloud data is properly backed up.

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