Be a Dropbox Wizard With These Keyboard Shortcuts

Regular readers of the Tuesday Tech Tip will know I get excited about keyboard shortcuts. This week I want to cover some of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Dropbox. untitled
Although most of you will be used to navigating Dropbox with your mouse, you can actually do many things with keyboard shortcuts. It is worth your time to learn these keyboard shortcuts as you will be able to complete common tasks more quickly than you would if you were using a mouse. Here is a list of some handy Dropbox keyboard shortcuts (Mac users please substitute the Command key for Ctrl):

  • Cursor Up will select the previous file (hold Shift at the same time to select several files)
  • Cursor Down will selected the next file (hold Shift at the same time to select several files)
  • Ctrl+a will select all files
  • Cursor Left will move up a folder level
  • Cursor Right will open a folder
  • / will search
  • Enter will download or open the selectedfile
  • Ctrl+c will copy the selected file(s)
  • Ctrl+v will paste the selected file(s) into the current folder
  • Ctrl+c will copy the selected file
  • F2 to rename a file
  • Delete to delete the selected file(s)
  • Ctrl+z to undo the most recent move, copy rename or delete

And if you can’t remember all these shortcuts, just remember pressing ? will display them for you.

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