Canadian Weather Radar Will Answer the Question: Will It Rain Today?

Predicting the weather is both an art and a science, and getting it right in the longer term can involve some luck. But in the shorter-term, knowing for sure whether some rain is coming your way can be very helpful. Should I head to the golf course? Is my kid’s baseball game going to get cancelled? Do I take an umbrella for the walk to the subway?radar
My go-to resource for answering these kinds of questions is Government of Canada Canadian Weather Radar page for Ontario. It has a map of Ontario overlaid with current storms and links to more detailed maps for each of the radar stations in different parts of Ontario.
There is also a page which shows a map of the entire country overlaid with radar images of current storms and links to 31 radar stations.
If you look at any individual radar station map, you can even gauge how fast the rain is coming your way by hitting the “play” button to see the movement of the storm in 10 minute intervals over the last hour.
There are various other weather resources Canadian Weather site, but I find the radar pages to be the most helpful ones. And remember, you can get updates wherever you are with the browser on your smartphone.

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