Create a Play List to Help Yourself Fall Asleep

Not sure if the experts will say this is a scientifically helpful idea for falling asleep (IMHO it seems better than just counting sheep), but sometimes you will want to listen to music as you (hopefully) fall asleep. sleep
But how do you set things up so you aren’t stuck listening to music all night? Just create a playlist for the songs you want to listen to – even if it is just one song. You get silence – and hopefully sleep – when the playlist is done. Here’s to falling asleep faster!
And a bonus tip: If you want a good mellow suggestion for your falling asleep playlist, consider the third movement from the Second Symphony by Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff. You might recognize it (if you were born before 1960) as the melody of “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again” by Eric Carmen (great live version with great hair in this video).

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