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Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 technology  research  practice

A Technology Tip

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I know your smartphone and iPad already have their device access passwords enabled (meaning anyone picking up your device can’t access the information on it without punching in a password). And if they don’t – sit down right now and turn the access IfFound password on. Otherwise the information on the device is accessible to anyone that happens to find it. If you are a lawyer and you have client information on the device, this is a critical step for protecting the confidentiality of client information.
But what happens if someone finds your device? Will they be able to figure out who it belongs to?
You could go the old-fashioned route and put a physical label with your name and number on it, but there is an easier way.
The operating systems on most devices have a configurable message on their lockscreen. If you go into your device’s settings, you will most likely find a place that you can enter your name and phone number. This info will appear on the screen when your device is locked. No, it won’t guarantee you will get your device back if it is lost. But there are honest people out there and it could help.

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