Don’t Worry About Overcharging Your Mobile Device Batteries

Some people still worry about overcharging the batteries on their mobile devices. Those of us that have been around a bit longer will remember the days when you were supposed to fully charge and then fully discharge your batteries so they would maintain the ability to take and retain a full charge through many charging cycles. This was an issue that was necessitated by nickel-cadmium batteries, which are rarely used in modern devices. baterycharging
Lithium-ion batteries are now found in most modern smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices. Charging your lithium ion battery after a partial discharge is totally fine. In fact, you’re better off charging your device whenever possible rather than letting the battery go all the way down to zero as doing this will actually help preserve your overall battery life over time. Go for a full charge whenever you can!


  1. Dan – is there a definite source for this information? I’ve read conflicting reports on this over the years? I also recall reading that some devices recommend going close to zero charge to calibrate the battery monitor. Comments on that?

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