Hootsuite Power User Tip: Create Templates for Regular Messages

Most of you will say that typing 140 characters isn’t a big deal. But typing the same thing over and over again can be taxing, even if it is only 140 characters. And why type things unnecessarily if you can avoid doing so?
Hootsuite has a really neat feature that lets you save templates of tweets that you can drop into the Compose Tweet window with just a few clicks. This is how it works.HootsuiteLogo
Type the text you want make into a template in the Compose Tweet window. Look for the Save Message as Template button towards the bottom right of the Compose Tweet window – it is the little floppy disk icon to the left of the Send Now button. Click on it and the tweet you just typed will now be a template.
When you want to use a template tweet, click on the View Templates button – the small upside down triangle between the Save Message as Template and Send Now buttons. A list of your templates will appear and with a single click you instantly have a tweet in the Compose Message box.
The template feature is really helpful if you need to send the same tweet out multiple times or a series of similar tweets. If you have the Pro version of Hootsuite, you can share templates across teams which will help save time and make sure all your tweets stay on message.

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