Use Proper Dimensions to Make Photos Posted on Social Media Profile Pages Look Better

Photos are a major part of the profile pages on all the major social media sites. There are profile photos (usually your picture) and header or cover photos (the big photo that usually appears across the top of your profile or homepage).
As these photos play a big part in making a good impression with people, you want them to look good. But making this happen can be frustrating. Sometimes the photo you post will be scaled to fit in the allotted box with the result that the contents look blurry or distorted, and sometimes parts of a picture are cut off. On other occasions important parts of your cover photo are hidden behind your profile picture.
How do you prevent these problems? It is very easy – simply post photos that match the Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet dimensions for the particular type of photo you are posting. But every social media site is different – how do you remember all these dimensions? Use the handy infographic posted on the Mainstreethost blog: the Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet gives you the dimensions for the various photos on the various social media sites. It even gives you the dimensions for the parts of a cover photo that will be hidden behind a profile picture. Before you post a picture, use a photo editor to resize and/or crop it to the appropriate dimensions and it will display exactly the way you want it to.

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