Use Siri Dictation Commands to Punctuate Your Life (Or at Very Least, Your Email)

I’ve previously blogged at Slaw Tips on the virtues of using Siri’s dictation functions to draft letters, emails and other documents typically created in day-to-day legal practice.

In short, dictation with Siri has increased my productivity, precision  and the overall quality of my work product.

For those who are similarly inclined, I wanted to share a great list of Siri commands that can be used for punctuating as you dictate.  With kudos and credit to iPhone Tricks, here is a partial excerpt:

Punctuation and Commands

Below you can find an extended list of punctuation and commands that iPhone’s voice recognition software can detect and apply.

Command                   Result
Period (Full stop).           .
Comma.                             ,
Exclamation point.         !
Question mark.               ?
Colon.                                :
Semi-colon.                      ;
Dash (Hyphen)               –
Forward slash.                /
Equal sign                        =
Dollar sign                       $
Euro sign                         €
Percent sign                    %
Registered sign              ®
Copyright sign               ©
Trademark sign             ™
Ampersand                     &
Smiley                              🙂
Open quote                     “
Close quote                     “
Open / Close paranthesis.             ( / )
Open / Close brackets                    [ / ]
Open / Close curly bracket.          { / }
New line                                            new line
New paragraph                              new pgh

Another good list of Siri Dictation Commands is here via CrushApps.

Sorry if the iPhone-centricity of this post has left anyone feeling bored or left out. Android and Blackberry users, feel free to entertain yourselves here.

Garry J. Wise, Toronto (@wiselaw on Twitter)

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