Expert Witnesses

Finding an expert or seeing if an expert has been qualified as such can be a challenging legal research exercise. Here are some tips and links to help you.

Tip 1

Use the Canadian Expert Witness Directory through Litigator on WestlawNext Canada. The directory links to cases the expert has been qualified in. You need a WNC password and access to the Litigator component for  this of course, but it is a great place to start.

Tip 2

To find out if there are experts on your issue whose expertise has been qualified by the courts, search on CanLII for the following string:

qualif! & expert /p [insert your specific subject area with “/p” between each word]

This is a blunt force full text search so you will get results that are not relevant mixed in with those that are.

Tip 3

Check out the University of Toronto Blue Book of experts, or visit your local university website to search for academics.

Tip 4

Ask your friendly neighbourhood law librarian to search for experts – they will likely use tools like industry association websites to see who the prolific writers and presenters are on specific topics in addition to the usual paths above.

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  1. Could someone please give me example of industry association website that have these prolific writers and presenters?

    Thank you,

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