Get Writing!

My first tip is simple: get writing!

Or, more to the point, get blogging.

Blogged content has high visibility and much higher readership than content that is distributed by e-mail. Unless you have a very targeted and well-maintained e-mail distribution list, it’s unlikely that a publication sent by e-mail will be opened (much less read) by more than 5% of its recipients.

Contrast that with material that is posted on a blog, which can easily get views in the four digits. Blog posts also have the advantage of being picked up the aggregators (LinkedIn, Lexology, Mondaq, JD Supra), which widen your readership even further. By way of example, Lexology once told me that a blog post of mine had been read by someone in the airport lounge in Perth, Australia. (The poor sod must have been at a loose end.)

So what to blog about? Recent developments in the law, of course, but give them a practical spin. Don’t just announce some new decision or legislation, explain why it’s relevant to your clients or potential clients. Give your perspective on industry trends or market developments. A fresh take on things is more likely to attract readers.

And on that note, my next tip is Catchy headlines and openers.

Neil Guthrie (@guthrieneil)

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