Print Legislation Remains Valuable

During a dinner table discussion of paper less practices recently, a friend praised the value of print legislation.  He practices tax litigation, and I was questioning him about the various eBook versions of available in that area.  He reminded me that the speed of cross referencing several sections is enhanced with the finger in book method as opposed to the click and return, especially when you have multiple sections referring to one another.

When I think about using legislation to answer a legal research question an the pattern that I used most frequently, I have to agree.

For the answer to a legislation question print often wins the day.   Finding the first thread may be faster with a word search, and for sharing, electronic is clearly out front. In the race for meaning though, print is still frequently first over the finish line.

Let the debate begin.


  1. I am inclined to agree. I suppose using two screens on one’s computer (increasingly common among lawyers, old hat among techies) probably helps compare texts too. After all, how many books can one keep a finger in at one time…

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