Say Thank You

When someone does or says something nice to, for, or about you, it is appropriate to express your gratitude.

This holds true for someone who goes out of their way to assist you with your legal research problem.  I am not especially advocating a regular contribution to the wine fridge of your local law librarian who helps you all the time – I leave that to you.

Today’s Tip is particular to those (unexpectedly) wonderful public servants who call you back with information in a timely fashion, the colleague down the hall who saves you with a precedent, the partner who takes a bit more time to educate you about their strategy…moments of assistance that stand out.  Be mindful of the assistance that others go out of their way to give you and thank them for it.

I believe that by recognizing others with thanks, we add a little bit of happiness to the world.

Readers of Slaw Tips – thank you! Have a happy day.

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