Understand What You Are Asking For

I am having a wonderful time in Maui this week with my family.  Today’s Tip is inspired by my Aunt Betty who reminded me that it is important that OTHER PEOPLE know what you are asking for.

You may know that the Hawaiian language uses fewer letters than English.  I confess to being completely baffled by local pronunciation.  Betty, on the other hand has visited this beautiful part of the world several times, and has mastered the phonetic discrepancies that twist my tongue.

This is the root of it:

a is always ahhhh
e is the long A
i  is eee
o is oh
u is oooo

When asking for directions to somewhere, you don’t want to be misunderstood and sent to the wrong town.

Just like legal research!  If you don’t understand what you are looking for, you will ask databases (or partners) for search results that don’t match what you really need.

Today’s second tip, don’t get so excited by seeing fishes in nature that you swim on your back while snorkeling.

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