Use CanLII to Compare Two Versions of an Act

Most CanLII users know that CanLII provides point-in-time versions of legislation. However, one feature of CanLII that is less well known is that it allows users to compare two versions of an act.

It is straightforward to compare two versions of an act on CanLII:

  1. Find the act you wish to compare the versions of.
  2. Underneath the name of the act is a list of point-in-time versions of that act. Select the two versions you want to compare. (They don’t have to be consecutive.)
  3. Click on COMPARE.

The older of the two acts will be on the left hand side of the page and the newer will be on the right. Text removed from the act is highlighted in red; text added to the act is indicated in green. Use the arrow keys on the top right of the page to move through the changes.

Note that this does not work for longer British Columbia acts (such as the Motor Vehicle Act) because the Queen’s Printer splits them into multiple parts.

Susannah Tredwell (@hannasus)

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