Go to Airplane Mode or Power Down to Charge Your Device More Quickly

We’ve all been there: Waiting for an urgent email, text or call while watching the red battery warning light flash as you are running from one place to another. Dimming the screen and closing open apps will keep your device alive a bit longer, but often it won’t be enough. redbb
In this situation, you end up looking for a place to get a quick charge– but as you are in a rush, you don’t have a lot of time to let your device charge-up. Here are two options that will allow it to charge more quickly:

  1. Close all open apps and put it in airplane mode. This turns all the device’s radios off, allowing the power that would normally run the radios to go to charging the device.
  2. You can also turn it off completely, allowing all incoming power to go to charging the device’s battery.

Of course, you won’t receive any messages or calls while you are in airplane mode or when your device is turned off, but your device’s battery will charge noticeably faster. Either of these tricks will get you off and running with more of a charge in your battery. Nice to know the next time you are in a rush and that red battery light starts flashing.

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