Tweak and Change Excel Tabs to Make It Easier to Navigate Your Workbooks

By default, Microsoft Excel gives your worksheets the rather bland names Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 and so on. These default names do nothing to help you remember what is in each worksheet, especially if you come back to work on a workbook many days, weeks or months later.excel

There are a number of helpful things you can do to tweak and change worksheet tabs in ways that will help you find and remember what you have in a workbook. They include:

  • Giving the tab a new name that describes the contents: To do this, double-click on a tab; or right-click on it and select rename.
  • Reorder your worksheet tabs to make it easier to jump between related tabs: Just drag and drop individual tabs to change tab order. The little black triangle shows where a tab you are dragging will be dropped when you release it.
  • You can also change the colour of a tab as well as insert, delete, move, copy or even hide a worksheet by right-click on tab, and selecting the option you want.

Remember these tricks next time you what to make your Excel workbooks more user friendly.

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