11 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Have an Annual Retreat

A law firm retreat is an opportunity to bring together those most invested in the future of the firm, to discuss just that… the future of the firm.

Yes, it’s true, some firms treat it as a perk, a mini-vacation if you will. But don’t let that cloud your assessment of the true potential of a retreat.

For law firms that take the time to do it right – pre-planning, professional facilitation and action planning – a retreat can be absolutely invaluable. The clarity and insight that comes out of that single meeting can drive the firm’s plan for the rest of the year.

But a single retreat can’t drive the plan for the rest of the life of the firm.  That’s why it’s a good idea to make it an annual event.

If you’re convinced, read no further.

For everyone else, here are 11 good reasons for your law firm to commit to an annual retreat:

  1. Because having an annual retreat creates habits – the good kind – around planning and taking action
  2. Because a law firm’s challenges – financial, strategic, lifestyle – change over time
  3. Because an annual commitment builds accountability into the process, by keeping everyone up on the status of last year’s goals and action plan
  4. Because the pre-planning step gives you a chance to look at the big picture – what has gone right, what needs work…
  5. Because your goals evolve and so must your plans if they are to support you
  6. Because the marketplace, including your competition and your clients, changes… sometimes rapidly
  7. Because the actual makeup of the firm transforms over time, namely its people
  8. Because there’s never a time when you can’t make things better, whether the firm is in growth mode or just holding fast
  9. Because inertia around certain key decisions is often more easily overcome with discussion
  10. Because high level priorities require dialogue and agreement for any organized action planning to follow
  11. Because, however close you are to your firm’s day-to-day operations, there are always surprises that emerge in the pre-planning process

And beyond all the common sense, good business reasons listed above, there’s also the value of anything that gives your key stakeholders a real bounce in their step.

That’s particularly true if there’s opportunity for a ripple effect on the morale of the rest of the firm.


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Sandra Bekhor, Toronto

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