Breathe Life Into Your Marketing Programme With Video


It’s information overload out there. And many lawyers are seeing readership of their blogs, articles and newsletters dropping off. So, this week’s tip is to consider changing things up by adding video. How can you make that decision? Give some thought to the following questions:

1. Do you know where the surfers are? Youtube has surpassed Google for searches. That’s right… Google! There is no higher mountain. Enough said.

2. Does your target market watch video? It’s not just celebrity and cat videos that are making the rounds. Business executives are watching video. In fact, research shows 59% of them will choose video over text, when both are available on the same topic.

3. Would your team be amenable to being part of a video series? Don’t know? Find out. Even the most introverted and shy lawyers can do well on screen… if there is a professional plan in place.

4. Is there room in the budget? The truth is that most law firms have some fluff in their marketing plan that can easily be cut out or modified without impact to the return on the program. Why not take a closer look at your plan to see what can be cut?

5. What does your market respond to? How you listen? Bolster their confidence? Answer their questions with ease? This type of human rapport translates well to video, when it’s strategic, client centred and focused on the firm’s central brand messaging.

So, the next time you sit down to a partners’ meeting and the question of ‘how can we get our marketing to perform better’ comes up, don’t let the energy in the room drop. Talk about how you’ve scrutinized the marketing plan (and hopefully received expert advice about that) and have some ideas for discussion.

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Sandra Bekhor, Toronto

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