Quickly Arrange Multiple Windows

Doing legal research increasingly means having multiple windows and applications open. You might be referring to CanLII in one window, the CRA website in another, and that email you’re working on in a third. Some of you might even have two or three screens set up beside each other on your desk!

This new normal became 100% more efficient for me when I learned how to use the below four keyboard shortcuts to quickly marshal all my open windows. These first two shortcuts instantly resize your window to take up half of the screen and then snap it to one edge or the other.


These second two shortcuts will maximise or minimise your window. I use them less often than the two shortcuts above.


These shortcuts are compatible with Windows operating systems only. They were introduced with Windows 7 so you’re out of luck if you’re still on Vista! The “Win” key is often found in the bottom left of your keyboard, between Ctrl and Alt.

Bronwyn Guiton (@BronwynMaye)

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