Use Deep Links

Deep links are links that take you directly to content within a website or database, rather than to the website’s home page. The advantage of deep links is that they allow you to send users directly to content of interest, rather than having to navigate through the menu system. An example of a deep link is which takes you to a volume of Halsbury’s Laws of Canada on Quicklaw.

It is helpful to use deep links in the library catalogue as well as in online research guides. They can also be included in research reports (so that the end user can more easily find the materials being referred to) or when recommending specific resources online.

Keep in mind that not all database services allow you to create deep links to materials, and some make the process easier than others do. Some services have an icon or link that allows you to create deep links automatically; others may require you to derive a deep link by editing the URL.

One final tip: before sending a deep link off to another user, it is good practice to test it in another browser to ensure there are no problems with the link.

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