1. Great tips. But I literally stopped at “unlettered” for a moment. Use of the term in this context seems a bit unwarranted.

  2. Lord X will be disappointed at the enormity of your offense

  3. Funny, I was just about to post a comment concerning the hilarity of that little jab.

  4. Good post, well written. Thanks. I will be back soon to check out for updates.

  5. At least two of these words (enormity, fulsome) actually do mean what you say they don’t mean, as revealed by a quick google search – at least in well-accepted secondary meanings and arguably even as primary meanings

  6. And CONCERNING does mean troubling or worrisome, as in “That cough is concerning.”

  7. some of these distinctions are gone gone gone, I fear (as Tim says, on Oct 3) – and some are alive but the two meanings are used so much that the word can be considered ‘skunked’ – i.e. it should not be used because listeners or readers may not know which meaning is intended. I would say ‘disinterested’ is one of those, though I would also say it’s probably rarer in its original sense (impartial) than in its mistaken sense (uninterested).

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