AndreaCan’s No.1 Tip to Get a Grip

Begin your journey towards intentional organization™ with the first thing Master Virtual Assistant AndreaCan counsels her clients:

The first thing I teach to stressed out lawyers is to write things down. Not on post its or various yellow pads – in the same spot. Get a notebook, I recommend and use a Moleskin … cuz if it was good enough for Hemingway – seriously, because it is small enough to be portable yet large enough to be useful.

Every morning, I open to a new page, date it and use that page to capture any of the things I need to write down that day – things to do, notes from calls, numbers, names, etc. All that goes on the right hand side of the new page.  On the left hand side is where I leave space for what I term more free flowing thoughts – the navigational trees, bubble maps and brain dumps.

At the end of the day, I take a few minutes to transfer anything that needs to go digital and I put a check mark through each item as I do.  Now I can instantly see what is also digital but I’m careful not to obscure the information on the page <- you’d be surprised how many times you’ll use the book vs. searching digitally for information!

On the off chance I lose my notebook – I make a digital record by taking snapshots of each page and loading them to Evernote. That said, I have yet to lose one. In fact, I go through them all towards the end of each year – partly for fun and partly to help me work through the next year’s focus re: marketing, events and promotions.


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