Does Your Law Firm Need a New Website?

Web design is a fast-moving field. Do these changes make you wonder if it’s time to update your law firm’s website? The decision itself can be daunting. Does it need to be an overhaul? Or should we just tweak? How much is enough? Will it even make a difference?

Why not take a scientific approach and deconstruct your site to better assess its current state?

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. Branding – From words to pictures, does the website integrate your professional identity, appropriately and creatively? Or, put another way, does it make you proud?
  2. Audience – Will those who are a fit know that the site is speaking to them? Will those who aren’t know that it isn’t?
  3. Writing style – Is the voice an honest representation of your people, culture and attitude?
  4. Contact information – Is it easy to find on every page?
  5. Call to action – Is it clear and compelling why the reader should contact you? Are there more than one calls to action competing for attention?
  6. Navigation – Will visitors know where they are, no matter where they land on your site?
  7. Function – Does the site present properly on mobile? Does it download quickly on desktop? Is it secure?
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Is the site findable? Have any people or branding objectives been sacrificed in making it so?

As you try to assess the scale and timing of any updates to your website, consider its greater value. How important is your website to practice development? Recruiting? Media coverage? As an online hub, generally?

If you have some clarity about the role your website plays in helping to meet firm objectives, you’ll be better able to assess the value of the cost and time involved in this update. That’s when you can stop wondering and start moving along with some decisions.

Sandra Bekhor, Toronto

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