Get More Mileage Out of the Friday Afternoon Doldrums

What’s the most productive day of the week?  Most HR directors report that Tuesday has that honour.  And the least productive? You guessed right! Friday.

Monday is a contender for most productive day of the week but what tends to get in the way of the doing are the meetings and planning that tends to get jammed into the Monday slot.

To help you get more out of your Fridays and to turn Monday into a productivity zone – try a Friday afternoon planning session.

A Friday afternoon planning session accomplishes three great things:

  1. It sets you up for starting Monday morning with a deep dive into work, as you will have your priorities set out.
  2. It helps you get a head start on delegating.  You can see what you need to involve a junior or assistant on and can hand that off before the weekend so they can get a running start on it Monday morning.
  3. You get more peace of mind because all your outstanding To Dos are out of your head and onto your list and you have a plan of attack all worked out.

Once you get in the groove of Friday planning I think you will find you never want to give it up!

Allison Wolf (@thelawyercoach)

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