Use Your Downtime Well

It’s June, already! It’s been a long winter. Yet, somehow it feels like summer has crept up on us.

For some law firms, that can mean the beginning of a slower period. A chance for some well-earned, rest and relaxation.

Not to be a downer about it, but that also happens to be a good time to do some planning for your firm.

Whatever has been on your mind for the fall – a new website, marketing plans for the associates, a succession plan for a retiring partner or even a retreat – it will be easier to get started if you take the time to consider the strategy before you’re faced with a deadline on top of your usual client work.

So, this week’s tip is to use your downtime well. Make a list of all the practice building projects you’ve been meaning to get to. Prioritize the list. Then focus on just your top priority items. Get at least some of the preliminary considerations underway by reviewing relevant information or data, setting up internal meetings and also consulting with outside advisors to get a better understanding of what might be involved. You will be setting yourself up to have the time and space for some of that critical, big picture thinking and also to make decisions about the time and resources needed, the sequence of events and even possible collaborators.

Once that’s done, pat yourself on the back for getting ahead of the curve and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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