Back Up Your Text Messages to Gmail With SMS Backup+

Some days, it feels like text messages are the new email. Texting is rapidly becoming just as common as email for business uses (and may well have surpassed email for personal uses), but are you as careful with preserving your texts as you are with your email?

Maybe you use text messaging for business purposes and want to make sure your messages can be retrieved if they are inadvertently deleted or if your phone is lost. Or maybe you find yourself needing to locate a message but unable to remember whether it was in a text or an email… and would rather not spend hours searching through both inboxes. (Or maybe, like me, you need to delete some old texts because there are so many that your texting app has become sluggish.)

Whatever the scenario, if you use texting with any regularity, you’ll probably be interested to know about an Android app called SMS Backup+.

SMS Backup+ automatically backs up your text messages into Gmail, which is extremely useful because not only are they preserved and safe, they are searchable. This app will back up SMS, MMS, and call logs into your Gmail and Google Calendar with a separate label. And as a bonus, you can also use it to restore messages to your phone.

Once downloaded, the app is very easy to get up and running. If you have a lot of texts to back up, it may take a while for them all to copy over, but that will just run in the background until it’s complete. Once installed and set to auto backup, your texts will be backed up and available in your Gmail account within moments of sending or receiving.


  1. Is the issue with Google going to be rectified? I really love this app but it stopped working because google removed it from my gmail