Finding RSS Feeds for Podcasts and YouTube Channels/Playlists

Is there a podcast or YouTube channel you’d like to keep track of or display using RSS? Determining the RSS feeds for videos and podcasts can be tricky. Here are a couple of tips on how to find the RSS feeds for YouTube channels and playlists, and podcasts on iTunes or Soundcloud.

To determine the RSS feed for a  YouTube channel:

  1. View the page source for the YouTube channel (right click on the page and click “view page source”
  2. Do a search for the text “channelID” and copy the value next to it. It will look something like this: UCqoH4oSIEttrjmasHPBx5Ug
  3. Paste that Channel ID value into this URL:

To determine the RSS feed for a YouTube playlist:

  1. Go to the playlist homepage you want the feed for, and copy the playlist ID from the end of the URL. It will begin with PL, and will look something like this: PLoKLMZAP5PVfgB9d7IpdZRO4E1m4WFXBM
  2. Swap in the playlist ID in this URL:

To determine the RSS feed for a podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud:

  • Go to, paste in an iTunes or Soundcloud URL and hit enter – it will determine and display the public feed, which you can view by clicking on the RSS button.

Do you have any other handy RSS hints? Please share in the comments!

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