Upgrade Your Device Charge Cables

I recently made a couple of small purchases that made a big difference: new charge cables for my phone and tablet. And as soon as I started using them, I was kicking myself for not having bought them sooner.

My old cables had been on their very last legs: they still worked, but one was starting to become loose at a connection point, and the other had actually lost a piece of casing. They weren’t charging as quickly as they once had. Plus, their lengths weren’t ideal either–both had always been just a bit too short for the locations I used them in, which meant there was always either a phone falling off its charging surface (thank heavens for OtterBox!) or a cable pulled just a bit too tight. Not great for my devices OR the cables. I knew continuing to use them wasn’t safe or practical.

I took a few minutes and browsed the options and reviews on Amazon before treating myself to some quality cables that are double the length of and much sturdier than the originals.

Now I don’t put off charging my devices, because I can easily leave them plugged in and still bring them over to where I want to use them, and I suspect they will also last a lot longer because they’ll be under less stress.

If you’ve got cables that don’t charge as quickly as they used to, or are looking damaged, or are too short, why not treat yourself to some new ones? You’ll wonder why you waited so long. Happy charging!

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