Using Advanced Search on Twitter

A few months ago, I was trying to find an article on AI that I had remembered tweeting. So, I started scrolling through my list of tweets. Even though I am not the most prolific tweeter, it was soon apparent that this was a futile approach. But searching “AI” wasn’t particularly helpful either.

Then I noticed that after you enter a search on Twitter, on the left hand-side of the results page, there are search filters and an Advanced Search option. For example, you can filter any search to focus on tweets from People you follow or Near you.

To search your own tweets (as I was doing) Advanced Search is your best bet. It includes the typical advanced search options (i.e., All of these words, This exact phrase, Any of these words, etc.) and then you can specify the accounts to search. In this case I used my Twitter handle – @lvanderbij.

And voila! There’s the article I was looking for.

Lesha Van Der Bij (@LVanDerBij) is CEO & Founder of Optimize Legal – keeping law firms and businesses up-to-date on changes to the law.

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