Stay Connected, Remotely

Lawyers are becoming pretty practiced at working remotely. But just because meetings, emails and deadlines are all on track, doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is under control. Despite everyone’s best efforts to normalize life with video conferencing and other remote management tools, there may still be some looming issues.

While our collective online connection is tremendously valuable, these virtual business exchanges can sometimes feel transactional and be ineffective in creating meaningful human connections.

So, today’s tip is to take the time to reach out to the people in your network that may benefit from a more personal interaction. A phone call, a video chat or even a physically distanced walk in nature that isn’t strictly business.

Give some thought to:

  • Speaking one-on-one with lawyers and staff that may need mentoring, coaching or even just a bit of encouragement.
  • Recognizing your team for all they’ve been able to accomplish, despite the upheaval this year has presented.
  • Catching up with clients, colleagues, classmates and others in your community who you used to run into at professional events and who may be feeling the strain of a long period of social isolation.

A well-timed conversation can help to reset someone’s motivation and mindset. If you’re in position to make that connection, reach out. Now is the time, before we all go into hibernation for the holidays.

It may mean more than you realize.

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