Free Access to Easy-to-Use Compliance App

To say COVID-19 has sped up the pace of legal change is an understatement. Usually it takes months (or even years!) to make changes to Canadian laws, but now we are seeing significant amendments announced and in force on the same day. With many businesses worrying about day-to-day survival, there is little or no time to stay on top of legal compliance requirements.

We wanted to simplify this task.  So, to help Canadian businesses and law firms understand and stay on top of these quickly evolving legal changes, Optimize Compliance is offering time-limited, free access to its easy-to-use compliance app.

Optimize Compliance helps you build customized legal compliance reports — updated in real time to reflect changes across the country in response to COVID-19.

This offer is immediately available to HR, in-house legal and small law firms. To request free access, click here.

Lesha Van Der Bij (@LVanDerBij) is CEO & Founder of Optimize Legal – keeping law firms and businesses up-to-date on changes to the law.

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