My Favourite Apps – Part V

Passwords. The bane of most people’s existence. So many to remember!

I know a few people who swear they have figured it all out – using some kind of mnemonic to remember all of their passwords. Apparently, I am not that clever. So I recently turned to LastPass. You remember one password and LastPass stores the rest. 

What I like about LastPass:

  • Once you’ve entered your master password, it will auto complete all the rest of your passwords for you. No need to go and look them up in a separate password keeper.
  • It syncs across my Mac, iphone and iPad. 
  • LastPass offers the option of a security review, which will identify passwords that are weak or used more than once.
  • With the Google Chrome extension, you can set LastPass to automatically log out after you have not used your browser for a specified period of time or upon closing it. This essentially logs you out of all your password protected sites in one go.
  • You can also add images (e.g., a Passport), credit cards and other financial information.
  • The free version seems to have all the bells and whistles I need.
  • And, of course, all of the data is encrypted. It is only decrypted at the device level, which means that the passwords are not  sent to LastPass’ servers.

As with all password keepers, there is some risk associated with keeping your passwords in an online database. However, if you’re comfortable with this and looking for a solution to the password conundrum, check it out.

Lesha Van Der Bij (@LVanDerBij) is CEO & Founder of Optimize Legal – keeping law firms and businesses up-to-date on changes to the law.

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