Change Your Role

For so many busy lawyers it’s almost too easy to go in and do your time day after day, year after year. But at some point you may find yourself wondering if this is really what you still want to be doing.

  • If the answer is yes, great, just keep moving forward.
  • If the answer is no, listen and change your role.

A simple but illuminating exercise to get the ball rolling in the right direction is to write your future biography. Not based on where things are headed today. But based on where your interests lie. A different area of practice, a different emphasis in your role (practice management, rainmaker, leadership) or other significant shift… Try writing it for a year from now. Three years from now. Five years from now.

Then take a step back and find the gaps.

What do you need to do differently today to set the stage for this change in your role? Can you identify opportunities, events, clients, peers, mentors, coaches or other possibilities that can help you with the transition?

Other lawyers have done it. You can too.

Sandra Bekhor is a practice development coach & consultant in Toronto.

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