Recent Horrors

Some frightful things that have imposed themselves on your humble scribe’s tender eyes.

Actual drafting by a senior partner

What this means is clear enough, but the drafting is simply awful:

Both whether or not the Code applies to the Proposed Structure and how it may apply to it therefore are central to appreciating if the Proposed Structure is a viable paradigm in law.

There are so many ways to improve that by putting it in normal English. How about this:

The Building Code may determine whether the proposed structure is legal.


Almost as bad, but not quite as frequent as reaching out to people, is the request to jump on a call.

Do these verbs make things sound more important than they really are?

Let’s just talk.


A LinkedIn post I came across exhorted readers to productize their law firm’s content.

Please, please, please, no.


Yes, this is the stage name of an American rapper and actor – but a friend received an e-mail from a lawyer (a LAWYER!) who used it, in all seriousness, to mean ridiculous or risible.

The lawyer had clearly never seen ludicrous, the word from which the rapper derives his moniker.

Time to insert an emoji expressing shock, horror, dismay, despair. If there is one that captures all that.

Neil Guthrie (@guthrieneil)

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