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About David Bilinsky

David J. Bilinsky, BSc, LLB, MBA

David J. Bilinsky is a Practice Management Consultant, lawyer and advisor. He is
a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and past Editor-in-Chief of
ABA’s Law Practice Magazine.

Dave's mission in life is to empower lawyers to anticipate the changes, realize
the opportunities, face the challenges and embrace the expanding possibilities of
the application of practice management concepts to the practice of law in
innovative ways that provide service excellence.

Dave is the founder and current Chair of the Pacific Legal Technology
Conference and a past Co-Chair of ABA TECHSHOW.

Dave's consulting services focus on enhancing law firm practice group
profitability, strategic business planning and the application of technology to the
practice of law. Dave has been called upon from Shanghai to New York City,
from the Yukon to deep in the heart of Argentina by law firms and legal
associations to address personal productivity, change management, technology
implementation, career satisfaction and leadership development.

You can read his blog at: and contact him at

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