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Legal Information Specialist from Alberta. I am excited by the challenges of unearthing potential using Lean Six Sigma methodology in the legal environment. Advocate of law libraries, legal information, legal research, knowledge management and continuous improvement.

Deep Linking to LexisNexis Canada Sources

Hat tip to Ted Tjaden for Today’s Tip. Ted is a fan of deep linking to sources including fee based sources of legal research.  I am a fan of Ted, …

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Use Multiple Browsers and Compare Content

Today’s tip is a reminder that web delivered content may display or act differently depending on your browser and the size of your browser window. If it is possible in …

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Canada Day Tribute

Happy 148th birthday Canada.

There is a nice history of Canada day outlined at this federal government website that was updated in June of 2014.  It reminds us of some …

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Say Thank You

When someone does or says something nice to, for, or about you, it is appropriate to express your gratitude.

This holds true for someone who goes out of their way …

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Legal Research Technology Concepts

Last week I posted about Legal Research Technology Skills. After reading Sarah Glassmeyer’s post on Slaw about The Future of Legal Practice and Technology for Law Professors. Today’s …

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Legal Research Technology Skills

Sarah Glassmeyer recently posted on Slaw about The Future of Legal Practice and Technology for Law Professors. Her opening salvo:

One of my pet peeves is when people throw …

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What Is Your Legal Research Project Status?

I despise long deadlines for legal research projects. Give me a complex project that has to be completed by the end of the week over a complex project that I …

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Don’t Assume Too Much

A post from the daily blog from Harvard Law Schools Program on Negotiation offer this advice regarding when negotiators assume too much:

One pitfall is that decision makers often overlook …

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Ask Directions

I’ve been travelling in the Maritime this pas week. Like many places, if you are unfamiliar with the particulars of a place, sometimes signs make absolutely no sense.  For instance, …

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Lawyer CPD Credits

Today’s Tip, with thanks to Michel-Adrien Sheppard for the idea, is a reminder to lawyers looking for CPD opportunities to look to law librarians.  We can help with identifying interesting …

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