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The Working Stay-Cation

I shoulda been in Jamaica, this week.

For a variety of scheduling reasons, mostly my significant other’s, that didn’t work out as planned. Which is not the end of the world, particularly with temperatures hitting 15 degrees in Toronto today.

(It’s 28 in Runaway Bay, Jamaica though, as we speak).

But today’s tip is not about the thermometer. Rather it’s about the “stay-cation.”

My week was booked off for vacation and I decided to keep it that way. The order of events for the week, I prognosticated, would be:

1. Catch up with my emails

2. Relax.

Four days later, …

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Know That Smartphone (And the Data Stored Therein)

What data can be harvested from the typical smartphone? How can litigators utilize forensics to obtain this data for use in legal proceedings?

Two recent articles from Law Pro’s Tim Lemieux and Rob Lekowski of ABA’s Law Technology Today have looked at these questions and offer quite a bit of need-to-know information.

The typical mobile device retains information on the locations of all calls, all wifi-networks joined, photos taken, and apps that utilize location services.  Text messages – even those deleted – will remain on the device until overwritten, as will browsing histories. Even encrypted data may be accessible.

And …

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Start a “Thank You” File

As we approach Christmas our thoughts, of necessity, turn to giving, receiving and gratitude.  These sentiments are the inspiration for this week’s tip.

Open a file (OK, maybe an email folder) just to save all the cards and letters (or electronic communications) from satisfied clients, the replies from speaking engagements, the letter from the Little League team your firm supported, anything that demonstrates that you are making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Practicing law is not always, or even often, easy.  But as we always say, “What gets measured gets done.”  Start measuring the impact that you …

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Meet Me at the Bar!

Everyone hates paying bar dues – especially lawyers who are members of a mandatory bar and have no choice about it.  But as long as you have to pay, why not take a little time to investigate what you get in return?

Your law society or bar association can be a great source of information and assistance for the improvement of your practice as well as a bulk-buying group that negotiates member benefit discounts.  Many bar associations offer ethics and practice management advice as well as discounts on insurance, office equipment, wireless phone service, office products, cloud-based storage and backup, …

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