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Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating MS Outlook

Keeping your hands on the keyboard is always faster than reaching to the mouse for a few clicks. Here are some handy keyboard shortcuts for basic navigation in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Switch to Mail: CTRL+1
  • Switch to Calendar: CTRL+2
  • Switch to Contacts: CTRL+3
  • Switch to Tasks: CTRL+4
  • Switch to Notes: CTRL+5
  • Switch to Folder List in Navigation Pane: CTRL+6
  • Switch to Shortcuts: CTRL+7
  • Next item (with item open): CTRL+COMMA
  • Previous item (with item open): CTRL+PERIOD
  • Switch between the Folder List and the main Outlook window: F6 or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
  • Move among the Outlook window, the Navigation Pane, and the Reading Pane: TAB
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