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Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 technology  research  practice

A Research Tip

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Have you ever noticed something missing when you are searching in a service. Ever said to yourself, I have this document somewhere, why don’t they? Ever noticed a spelling error or a missing connection in a noteup record? If you were a Wikipedia editor, you would correct misinformation, right?

Today’s Tip: Be a Wikipedian, take responsibility for missing data.

By example, I sent this email to – the “contact us” email for the Privy Council Office.

Subject: Gap in the Orders in Council Database

Hello, when reviewing recent orders in council this morning, I noticed a significant gap in data in the orders in council database located at

The gap is between:

2012-0211 2012-03-01 CIC
Act Citizenship Act
Precis Citizenship
Attachments 1-OIC / DDC

2012-0092 2012-02-27 PMO
Act Public Service Employment Act
Precis Appointment of BILL JONES of Ottawa, Ontario, to be Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, to hold office during pleasure for a term of five years.
Attachments 1-OIC / DDC

Please alert me when the missing orders in council are included in the database.

Kind regards,
Shaunna Mireau

All of the Canadian legal publishers I have dealt with over the years have been happy to get feedback about database corrections. If you see an error, send a friendly email to have it corrected. It will help everyone.

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