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Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 technology  research  practice

A Research Tip

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Today’s tip is a reminder that web delivered content may display or act differently depending on your browser and the size of your browser window. If it is possible in your organization, use more than one web browser.

To highlight this tip, I will show you three versions of Lexbox, a groovy new research tracking service that is available from Lexum at

Chrome – full screen:






IE – full screen:






Firefox – Full screen:






Note the very minor differences in where your see down arrows and menu options. This website is very well organized and is using responsive design. The page rescales based on the screen size and is very mobile friendly. Even with all of that care and attention the web developers brought to this work, each browser behaves differently.

Consider viewing websites in alternate browsers.  You may be surprised at what is revealled when looking at something through a different lens.

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