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Thursday, June 11th, 2020 technology  research  practice

A Practice Tip

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CanLII wants to know:

Have you ever imagined seeing a publication with *YOUR NAME* on *YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE* on the cover?

If so, they’d like to know all about it – and could help make that dream a reality.

CanLII recently launched a house publishing program that “aims to create content that strategically meets the needs of the researchers who use CanLII.”

Specifically, CanLII seeks (1) legal texts on core areas of law, (2) shorter pieces that answer particular questions, and (3) practice manuals for particular areas of law.

If your idea falls outside those three types, the CanLII Authors program is another great way to publish your work.

Head to the CanLII blog for all the details, then start brainstorming that book proposal!

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