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Bet Right on Fixed-Fee Billing

Many lawyers are fearful of moving away from hourly-rate billing because they are concerned that alternative-billing will be a risky bet.  Is there a way to ensure that you, the …

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Docket Time Contemporaneously…

Someone once said: “Life is a series of interruptions interrupted by interruptions.” No one recorded who said it… the person doing the recording was probably interrupted when they …

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Save Time With Great Telephone Greetings

Are you making the most out of your voicemail system?

As Joe Walsh of The Eagles once sang:

So I got me an office, gold records on the wall.

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Why Stay in Law?

These days it seems that many young people are reconsidering a decision to enter or stay in law.  The authors think that there are many reasons to still value a …

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Seeing Double…Rather Than Seeing Red!

Adopt dual monitors to increase satisfaction in moving to a paperless office system.
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Game – Set – Match Your Tech With Your Evidence

If you have to go to court, you want to make sure that you are being the most effective advocate possible. There are many ways to persuade the trier of …

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How Much Did That Cost?

In manufacturing, there is a metric known as “Cost of Goods Sold”.  When it comes to legal services, the equivalent metric would be the “Cost of Services Rendered” (CoSR).

Do …

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Take Your Firm Paperless

We have spoken and consulted with a number of lawyers lately who have called about taking a law firm paperless.  Certainly many lawyers become anxious at the thought of giving …

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Is Virtual Practice in Your Future?

A Virtual Law Office has been defined many different ways by many different people.  It can certainly be seen as one form of e-lawyering, or using the power of the  …

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Do a Technology Audit

Many firms are coming up to a decision point.  Windows XP will no longer be supported after .  Accordingly firms are looking at replacing their desktop or laptop XP machines …

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