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Dan is a technology evangelist and is well known for his “tech tips”. His vision, energy and ideas have made practicePRO an internationally recognized claims prevention initiative. He is a prolific writer, speaker and blogger on legal malpractice, risk management, legal technology, and law practice management issues. He is a veteran of hundreds of presentations at law firms and conferences all over North America and has chaired more than a dozen major conferences. Dan was inducted as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management in 2007. The American Bar Association just published The Busy Lawyer’s Guide To Success: Tips to Power Your Practice, a book he co-authored with Reid Trautz. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the ABA LPM’s Law Practice magazine, was Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2007 and helped launch the Law Practice Today Webzine.

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When it comes to purchasing things, I will admit that I tend to be a tad on the anal side. I always spend a ton of time researching the available …

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A Tip for Quickly Switching Between Relative and Absolute Cell References in Microsoft Excel

When you create a cell reference in an Excel formula that refers to another cell, that cell reference can be relative (the default) or absolute. A relative cell reference adjusts …

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Hootsuite Power User Tip: Create Templates for Regular Messages

Most of you will say that typing 140 characters isn’t a big deal. But typing the same thing over and over again can be taxing, even if it is only …

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Dim Your Smartphone Screen for Longer Battery Life

All of us have experienced the frustration of a dying smartphone battery. While battery life has greatly improved over the years, a dead smartphone is something most of us see …

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Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for Typing Superscript or Subscript in Windows

Occasionally you may find yourself wanting to type superscript (see the adjacent graphic) or subscript (102). You can do this through the Font dialog box, but there is a much …


Reopen a Just Closed Browser Window Tab With Ctrl+Shift+T

Every so often you will accidently close a browser window tab that you wanted to keep open. Hate when that happens!
And after doing so, you want to get it …

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Easily Tweak Windows Settings With the God Mode Folder

Most of you will be used to going into the Control Panel to tweak or change your Windows settings. In the Control Panel, related types of settings are grouped under …

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Handy Windows and Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Deleting a Whole Word

When it comes to deleting text we have just typed, most of us will hit the Backspace (PC) or Delete (Mac) key.

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This works, but deleting text …

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Handy Checklist Will Help Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Gmail Account

In just the last few weeks, I have talked to two lawyers dealing with hacked email accounts. In the past year or so, I have seen frauds perpetrated where a …

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Use One or More Commas for a Short Pause When Dialing Phone Number Extensions

If you frequently dial someone who as at extension, it can be frustrating to wait for the main phone number to connect before you can to enter the extension number, …

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