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Dan is a technology evangelist and is well known for his “tech tips”. His vision, energy and ideas have made practicePRO an internationally recognized claims prevention initiative. He is a prolific writer, speaker and blogger on legal malpractice, risk management, legal technology, and law practice management issues. He is a veteran of hundreds of presentations at law firms and conferences all over North America and has chaired more than a dozen major conferences. Dan was inducted as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management in 2007. The American Bar Association just published The Busy Lawyer’s Guide To Success: Tips to Power Your Practice, a book he co-authored with Reid Trautz. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the ABA LPM’s Law Practice magazine, was Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2007 and helped launch the Law Practice Today Webzine.

Use Proper Dimensions to Make Photos Posted on Social Media Profile Pages Look Better

Photos are a major part of the profile pages on all the major social media sites. There are profile photos (usually your picture) and header or cover photos (the big …

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Create an if Found Lockscreen Message on Your Portable Devices

I know your smartphone and iPad already have their device access passwords enabled (meaning anyone picking up your device can’t access the information on it without punching in a password). …

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Protect Your Smartphone or Tablet With a Good Case

It takes just one accidental drop to kill an iPad or smartphone.

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And unfortunately, if the glass cracks, they are difficult or even impossible to repair. …

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Be a Dropbox Wizard With These Keyboard Shortcuts

Regular readers of the Tuesday Tech Tip will know I get excited about keyboard shortcuts. This week I want to cover some of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in …

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Use Hidden Level App on Your iPhone to Hang Pictures

You can never trust your eye when it comes to hanging pictures or other similar situations when things have to be level. But no need to run to the toolbox …

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Canadian Weather Radar Will Answer the Question: Will It Rain Today?

Predicting the weather is both an art and a science, and getting it right in the longer term can involve some luck. But in the shorter-term, knowing for sure whether …

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What to Buy – Free Advice on Current Specs for PC and Mac Desktops, Laptops and Servers

As a supplement to their great book, the 2014 Solo and Small Firm Legal Tech Guide (published by American Bar Association), my good friends Sharon D. Nelson and John W. …

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Using Two Monitors Will Help Get More Work Done and Save Money

On many occasions over the years I have written and spoken about the benefits of using two monitors in a law office setting – for both lawyers and staff.
Once …


Use Control+F or Command+F to Find Specific Terms on a Webpage

Slowly scrolling through a webpage to find a specific term is not the most efficient or fastest way to find the location of the information you are looking for, especially …

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Make Your LinkedIn Presence Look More Professional With a Vanity URL

When you create a profile on LinkedIn, the default URL LinkedIn creates for your profile page will end with a jumble of letters and numbers. Yuck!
You can make your …

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